Our Services

Our Services

Custom D&I Education

For clients looking for a more blended learning approach Global i365’s Learning Pods™ provide a solid facilitated Diversity & Inclusion education experience which, when rolled out along with an e-Learning curriculum, provide an excellent blended solution for your overall D&I education strategy. On their own
they also provide an informative, action focused facilitated education experience. D&I Learning Pods™ are shorter (2-3 hours) customized sessions which focus on one or two aspects of diversity that are designed to be engaging for your organization. Global i365 also develops custom D&I education experiences of any length for management/leadership teams, D&I councils, employee resource groups, HR teams and many other specific internal audiences.

Interim Diversity Leadership

When the diversity leader executive has departed but a successor has not yet been appointed; or if an organization is at the embryonic stages of its Diversity & Inclusions strategy, Global i365 can provide interim leadership that can oversee the day-to-day operations. Our experienced consultants are available throughout the United States and the UK, are on-call and able to be dispersed where needed, helping organizations stay on course. Global i365’s Interim Diversity leaders will provide the much needed stability and expertise in times of change and uncertainty.

Strategic Plan Development

The development of a strategic plan for your Diversity & Inclusion efforts is just as critical as the development of a strategic plan for any other business, division or function. The Global i365 team will work with you and your leadership team to develop a strategic D&I plan that is both in alignment with your
organization’s overall strategic business plans/direction and will be able to show how your D&I efforts will contribute to the same bottom line.

Infrastructure Development & Design

Every successful Diversity & Inclusion initiative has an infrastructure of some kind that is responsible for the actual implementation and roll out of various aspects of the initiative. This structure could be anything from an actual D&I department with a leader and any number of full and/or part-time staff. Or as simple as a single D&I leader supported by a D&I Council(s), potentially even an Employee Diversity Affinity or Resource Group(s), combined with a number of other structural components. The Global i365 team will work with you to design and develop your internal D&I structure or revitalize your current structure to best fit your resources, goals and objectives.

Research & Benchmark Studies

No proper business initiative would be developed or rolled out without solid research behind it. Similarly, your Diversity & Inclusion efforts should rest on a foundation of solid research, using various types of research to help build and refine it as you grow. The Global i365 team will provide you with whatever customized research needs you may have. This could be in the form of a best practice or benchmark study or the research of a solid business case study document to name a few. Our research team will find the latest sources of information to build a research document that best fits your needs using both domestic and global resources.